It’s no secret that IT budgets worldwide have been slashed and that spending on new projects has been drastically reduced for most companies.  However, contrary to popular opinion, there’s a lot of opportunity to make cost-saving investments now.  On that topic, I will be presenting some best practices in a webcast titled Building a Recession-Proof Network (sponsored by Nortel).  From the webcast web site:

In today’s economy, ensuring you have a network that is reliable and secure 24×7 can help you to recession-proof your business even with a limited IT budget. Learn step-by-step about how your company can build a cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure network in ’09!

Join us now and learn:

  • Easy steps to build a cost-effective, energy-efficient and secure network in ‘09
  • Best practices to recession-proof your network on a limited IT budget
  • How to reduce your TCO while increasing ROI across your company
  • Low-cost ways to maximize and extend your network capabilities

The free webcast is scheduled for 10:00am Pacific Time on Thursday May 7, 2009.  My portion will focus on suggestions for justifying network improvements such as investing in Unified Communications (UC) and ways to sell that idea to the rest of the organization.