Will the developers at Google never stop publishing new applications (even if the are in perpetual “beta” status)?  You can find dozens of online-based projects on the Google Labs page.  One of the newer and more interesting additions is Google News Timeline

For me, one of the most frustrating aspects of searching the Web is the difficulty of searching for relative information by date.  For example, if I’m searching for information on Windows 7 or something relatively new, I generally don’t want to see information that’s over a year old.  Often, the results can get confusing.  Sometimes, you’ll want to search for a .NET command or T-SQL syntax, and you’ll find outdated results.  Sure, you can perform an Advanced Search to filter by date ranges, but it’s a cumbersome way to find the information you need.

The Timeline still appears to be in a fairly early state, and the search results aren’t quite up to par.  However, the idea is a good one, and I hope it’s significantly improved in the near future.