If you haven’t had a chance to work with Windows 7 yet, or if you’re wondering what’s in it for business users and administrators, you’ll probably benefit from attending an upcoming virtual conference.  The “conference” will take place entirely online.  Using a browser, you can access a pretty slick online UI that allows you to do “real” conference stuff. 

The InformationWeek Business Technology Network is presenting a virtual event titled The Business Case for Windows 7.  As the name implies, it focuses on ways in which corporate users and administrators can benefit from switching to Microsoft’s newest OS (which is scheduled for general availability on October 23rd).  Here’s a description of the conference from the event’s web page:

Business Case for Win7

The Business Case for Windows 7
Microsoft’s launch of the Windows 7 operating system is one of the most anticipated technology introductions of this year, and enterprises both large and small are evaluating the benefits – and weighing the challenges – of migrating to the new platform. In this virtual event, attendees will have the opportunity to engage with and learn from the developers of Win 7, the testers who put it through its paces, and peers who are considering taking the plunge.  Experts will discuss the product’s features, performance issues, security and management processes, compatibility concerns, and more.

You can sign up to attend the virtual conference using the Registration Page

At the virtual conference, you can talk to people at virtual booths, ask questions to technical experts who are available live, and download videos, webcasts, white papers, etc.  Microsoft, Thawte, and Global Knowledge are among the sponsors.  I’ll be present tomorrow (Sept. 30th) to answer questions in the Microsoft booth.  The virtual conference will go on for two days and contains numerous events and keynote presentations.  Be sure to stop by – it certainly beats the time, cost, and frustration of having to travel to real conferences.