imageIt seems that with every new leap in technology, organizations put a greater load on their existing infrastructure.  Networking is no exception.  From the need to support a broad variety of different types of traffic (including VoIP, mobile devices, video streaming, and good ol’ “standard” network activity), network administrators need to consider their options.  Often, the key trade-off with the constraints of standard Gigabit Ethernet is the complexity of managing different types of network traffics.  Data centers often have to use a layered approach that can increase management complexity.  That’s where 10Gb Ethernet comes in.  This technology allows organizations to keep their network flat while provided support for high-throughput applications and network segments.

On that topic, I’ll be co-presenting in the Focus Webcast titled Simplicity Itself: A New Vision for 10 Gigabit Campus Design.  Lance Carr, Product Marketing Manager from Juniper’s Fabric and Switching Group will be providing technical details on their solutions and recommendations.  Here’s a brief overview of the topic:

Today’s increasing Ethernet network bandwidth demands can easily lead IT organizations towards a path of network topologies that lower performance, reliability, and manageability. When the right network design approach is followed, however, performance and reliability are easy to achieve.

In this live webinar, you’ll hear from a panel of experts as they explain how you can use 10 Gigabit Ethernet to simplify your network topology and make it more supportable than intrinsically complex solutions. You’ll discover:

    • High performance simplified Network infrastructure that enables uniform user experience.
    • Enabling events for a 10 Gigabit network infrastructure
    • How to reduce your operational costs, while scaling your network for today and tomorrow’s business needs

    The webcast is free, so be sure to register if you’re interested in new network technology.