I’ll be presenting topics that are focused on creating a SQL Azure database, and writing a simple web application to enter, update, and display data – all from using cloud resources.  Here’s an overview of the event:

HackMISA is a 12 hour hackathon hosted by the Management Information Systems Asscioation as a new initiative to provide more opportunities for students to learn how to code. This is where you can turn your ideas into a reality. You’ll make new friends and learn cool skills w the help of industry professionals!

Come down for a day of free food, workshops, mentorships, & prizes. Whether you have no coding knoledge or are a seasoned hacker, we would love to see you there!

For more information about the event or to sign up, please visit the HackMISA Spring 2017 web page!

Update (04/03/2017): It was a great pleasure to meet so many excited, committed, and technically-capable people at the event.  All of the entries were excellent, and I was glad to stay for most of the 12-hour session as a sepaker, mentor and judge.  Attached to this post is a copy of the Slides from my Auzre Cloud presentation.  Please feel free to download it for your own use: UT HackMISA – Azure Cloud – Anil Desai